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’n a belayin’-pin, with

no ’air und▓er ’is cap, an’ no sailorman.● Oo ever seen a bald-’ead as w▓as ’E ain’t been caught ’igher aloft ●these two year ’n the spanker▓-boom.

痑s ●made

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“Second mate’s a Irish lad, just go▓t ’is papers an’ a good seama▓n, but hazin’ the boys like all these youngish▓ chaps.The doctor’s a Swede, ●Chips comes from


the same isl●and, an’ Sails is a Dutchman.Then there’s● seven men in the port watch an’ five▓ in the second mate’s, ten apprentices ami▓dshi


ps, only three of ’em big enoug●h t’ be more ’n in the way, an’ ‘Carr▓ot-top,’ the cabin boy.The skipper’s wi▓fe—if she is—is a scrawny heifer you ●wouldn’t be seen walkin’

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?Maybe a ▓month.”
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